Why Mefaldas tú?

Mefaldastú quiere llenarte de ideas ¡Quiere darle un toque diferente a tu moda!

We would like to tell you so much. Even better… we would like to fill you with ideas! We would like to give a different touch to your style. We would like you to put on a Mefaldas!


Dressing differently means wearing clothes that you identify with and that mark your style with unique, original and very versatile pieces... In Mefaldas we do not present seasonal collections, we just follow the inspiration and offer creative proposals to suit your style.


We believe in exclusivity. There is a limited number of units from each design. This means that each Mefaldas is a garment created for collectors. We design timeless pieces and accessories that give wings to your creativity. Afterwards you add the trend and the personality.